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What is a lead magnet?
5 Popular ways to attract new customers.

What is a lead magnet? The term lead magnet comes up often when researching digital marketing strategies. A lead magnet is a value proposition that a target audience is willing to give information in exchange for the lead magnet. Lead magnets can be anything that will be of value to your audience. Make sure that the magnet aligns with your products and services. Here are 5 examples of useful lead magnets…


An E-Book should solve one of the pain points that your audience suffers. The E-Book could be a cookbook, how to guide, or testimonials of happy customers. Having an E-Book can help build trust with your audience and help to educate your audience about your industry.


A webinar is an online seminar that has the purpose of educating the audience on a specific topic or skill. Webinars can be…

  • How to workshops
  • A specific problem to solve
  • Educational programming

Webinars had a very high conversion rate when planned and executed correctly.

FREE Checklists

The free checklist is like the guideline for your audience to following when trying to replicate your particular skill. For Hewbie ( A Digital Marketing Agency ), the checklist title might be…

” Website Re-Design Checklist 2018″

Free Version of Software

You may know this type of lead magnet as the “Freemium Version.” This lead magnet is definitely geared towards a company with a software as a service ( SAAS ).  The best way to offer a member of your audience value is by giving them the free version. If you’re a bakery, have them sign-up for a free sample, if you’re a marketing agency do A Free Website Audit.

Demo or Consultation

The demo is the ultimate magnet that converts customers. The user who is ready to commit time out of their day to see a demonstration or listen to a consultation about how your products or services can help them is someone who is prepared to buy.

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